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Miller's Experience Day


Do you fancy stepping back in time for a day and becoming a traditional miller? If so, Talgarth Mill’s Millers’ Experience is just the thing for you.

We’ll put you though your paces and teach you how to make flour using a 200 yr old water mill – where else could you do that?

There are two options:

  • A Milling Morning – just milling (and coffee and cake of course)
  • Milling and Baking – the full works – starting with a sack of wheat and finishing the day with a loaf of your very own home-made bread. And to sustain you while you learn we’ll feed you with a ‘Miller’s Lunch’  The Milling and Baking Days are only available on Sundays and for these we need a total of four people.

Both experiences are very much hands on – it’s a case of learning through doing - we don’t do lectures.


For both experiences, the morning is the same – arrive at 10 am. , do all the necessary mill maintenance – oil the bearings, check all the wooden wedges. Next up – winnow some grain – be ready for hard work – our antique winnower (from the perseverance iron works in Shrewsbury) is hand driven not water – powered. The a walk up the garden to release the River Ellwye into our leat and then the milling can begin. We only work with small groups – four people or maybe five as a maximum. The experience is informal, rather exciting and definitely a bit different. At the end of the morning, as long as all goes well, you’ll have made a bag or two of wholemeal flour to take home.



If you’re planning on baking too- take a break for your Millers’ Lunch, then take your flour along to the bakery where one of our expert bakers will put you through your paces and show you the dark arts of baking! Finally, if you’re still standing, a cup of Miller’s tea and then head for home bearing your flour and your bread – but.. will you be able to resist the temptation of eating it on your way? …..Finish by 4pm.

Costs (no hidden extras)

Millers’ Morning : £45 inc vat

Milling and Baking – the full works - £125 inc vat

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