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Christmas and New year at Talgarth Mill

No two days......

Posted on Monday 2nd January 2017


On New Year’s Eve the Mill was a hive of activity with Rob (see picture), milling some A.C. Barrie wheat for our strong bread flour and at the same time showing visitors around and impressing them with his knowledge. Sue and Carole set about the year end stock take of flour, bags and labels in “The Baggery”. Tom was busy moving things back into the newly decorated second room of Talgarth Mill Craft Shop, at the same time doing a stock take of the flour in there. Meanwhile Hannah and Jeanette were busy measuring up and cutting hessian for curtains for the Granary. Sarah, Chris, Cath and Jonathon then arrived in the pouring rain with an impromptu grain delivery so were seen heaving 25kg bags of wheat into the lift and up into the Granary ensuring that we’ll be able to mill enough flour to fulfil January orders. And the visitors kept on coming – some of them having opted for the Mill as a slightly drier option than a visit to the Pwll y Wrach waterfalls

I was elated when I totted up December’s visitor numbers to find that we were not only way up on budget, but also way up on the visitor numbers for all previous Decembers. We always expect December to be our quietest month of the year and have some
really dismal days with no visitors at all, but the period between Christmas and New Year has more than made up for the dearth of visitors earlier in the month.

There are lots of plans for the Mill for the coming year. We hope to attract more school visits and also to make the Mill more of a fun place for families - offering things for children to do that are both educational and entertaining.

The Granary is rather a wasted space at the moment so the ladies from the Craft Shop are helping to give it a facelift and make it a more cosy and inviting space to use for craft workshops, meetings, classes, conferences and anything else you can think of along those lines.

Then there are the gardens. Our opening under the National Gardens Scheme was so successful last year that the volunteer gardeners, in a weak moment and plied with alcohol, have agreed to do it again!

2016 is the Year of Adventure in Wales Wales Online Adventure can come in all sorts of guises and while we can’t promise to offer adrenalin fuelled adventure, we look forward to offering some adventures of our own, whether they be culinary or cultural.

Liz Rose, Mill Manager