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"Jolly Fine Flour made just by Water Power!"

All our flour is made here at the Mill – not a single grain of it is bought in. What is more, it is all made by water power – yes, it’s real ‘WATER POWER FLOUR’! In both 2013 and 2014, we were delighted to receive a Two Star Great Taste Award for our flour from the Guild of Fine Foods.


Stoneground and 100% Wholemeal!

We only make wholemeal flour at Talgarth Mill – whichever the grain we mill. White flour and brown flour are made by sieving the larger particles, including the bran, from the flour. It’s the larger particles that contain much of what is good for you – so we’ve decided not to sieve our flour – everything that goes into our millstones goes into our flour. That said, there’s nothing to stop you taking it home and sieving it there – if you really must!

Wheat, Spelt and Rye To make our strong (bread-making) flour and plain (biscuit and pastry – making) flours we use local wheat from two farms just over the border in Herefordshire. Wales is just that bit wetter and we haven’t found any good milling wheat here yet – we’ll keep looking!

Our Range - using our stoneground wholemeal flour we produce these varieties, all available in 1 kg bags:

If you want to buy larger quantities, please get in touch, but we suggest collection as postage can be rather expensive!

  • Strong Flour – made from a high-gluten Canadian (locally grown) variety of wheat - great for bread baking!


  • Wholemeal Flour – made from a British wheat called Solstice - best for pastry and biscuit baking.


  • Seven Seeds Flour – a bread-making flour with seven different sorts of organic seeds added to make a granary-style bread (watch out - contains sesame !)


  • Sunflower Seed Strong Flour – with added organic sunflower seeds for a nice chewy bread


  •  Herbal Flour – a plain flour with added organic herbs ideal for savoury biscuits and pastry.


  • Self-raising Flour – for cake making, puddings and dumplings


  • Blawd Cymreig - Welsh Flour - We now mill 100% organic wheat grown just 8 miles away from the Mill - mix with a stronger flour to make bread or use for biscuits and pastry.


  • Talgarth Mill 'Rough' - A coursely milled wholemeal flour - specially ground for making Soda Bread


  • Rye Flour  - At the request of our on-site bakery we have now started milling and selling flour from a light Rye – an organic variety called Carotorp rye which is grown for us in Hertfordshire. It’s ideal for adding to wheat flour to give that extra chewy texture to your bread – whether white , brown or wholemeal.



  • Spelt Flour - Last but not least is our spelt flour. By popular demand, we now mill an organic Spelt grain – it mills beautifully! The spelt grain we buy hails from Yorkshire, but it was the Romans who ‘invented’ spelt – a rather ancient grain which was a precursor to wheat – people enjoy it now for its low gluten content. We’ve found our Spelt flour makes a really nice light loaf.


Bread Kits


Back in 2011 when we started making flour again at Talgarth Mill, we discovered that there were a lot of people out there who were rather shy of making bread – as if it were a dark art! So we started a campaign to make it easier by producing our range of Bread Kits – which will make a 500g wholemeal loaf or 4 nice sized rolls. Our bakers here use live yeast, but our kits include dried yeast in order to make them last. The vital content (apart from our flour!) is the sheet of instructions which guide you step by step through every stage of making your own bread. After that you’ll never really need to buy another bread kit, but if you feel the urge to, here’s our current range that’s available:

  • Black Mountains Bread Kit and Pecyn Pobi Bara'r Mynydd Du (the Welsh version using  organic Welsh flour)


  • Sun-dried Tomato and Herb Bread Kit
  • Herb and Olive Bread Kit (with organic herbs and vacuum packed olives)


  • Spicy Fruit Bun Loaf Kit (with cinnamon and dried fruit)
  • Sunflower Seed Bread Kit with organic seeds
  • Soda bread Kit


  • Spelt Bread Kit (with organic spelt)

Some people use bread makers in this day and age – if you use our flour in them it’s probably best to mix our flour 50/50 with strong white flour for best results.

For full details of our flour and prices please call us. We don't usually do mail order or internet sales - but do give us a ring or drop us an email - we might be persuaded - just for you! 01874 711352 e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

One thing is for sure, you’ll get a great taste from your bread – enjoy!

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