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The Mill is run almost entirely by a gang of volunteers who turn out on a regular basis to ‘keep the millstones turning’! This is Gordon – he comes up from Blackwood where he used to be an engineer before retiring. Further back, he was an army reservist – don’t get him onto hair-raising tales of life in the Rhine Army unless you have a few hours to spare! Gordon is one of our millers. Rob ( Image 26) is our ‘Thursday miller’ – he goes back a long way with the project having been instrumental with restoring our water wheel. Phil, Steve and Gez complete the milling team.


It takes more than millers to make a mill! Here is our bagging team – Beryl, Carole, Cath and Sue – Avril and another Sue are hiding out of shot! There’s no automation at our mill so all the flour is bagged by hand so our team including teachers, farmers, craft workers, book-keepers and footpath surveyors turn out every week to deal with the mountain of white stuff! Not content with just being human machines, they also are constantly thinking of new products – a whole range of different flours and bread kits are testament to their innovative powers – just take a look at the range in our flour shop!


The Mill is about a lot more than just milling and bagging flour though! We are open to the public 6 days a week, and we take our responsibility of telling our story to the world very seriously. This is Jonathan and Sue – tour guide and receptionist respectively. Jonathan is our chief grain buyer. Having been seriously injured in a mountain accident years ago, he gets round in a wheel-chair but that won’t stop him giving you a full tour! The rest of our guiding team comprises Rob, Nick and Nick (!), Rob, Greg, Avril, Gez and Gordon again. Between then in their lives, they’ve done farming, housing, civil engineering, outdoor education and mortgages – be careful not to let them stray off milling if you can help it!

We always have our doors open for new volunteers – if you can commit to a regular contribution please get in touch – we’d love to enlist your services, and it’s a great gang to be a part of. We’ll give you all the training you need and all the tea you can drink!

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