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A Tour of the Mill

Even if you can't make it to the Mill in person, why not enjoy a quick tour of the Mill on-line.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual tour but … you can’t beat the real thing … why not make a date and come and see us ‘in the flesh’. We’re right in the middle of the town next-door to the Town Hall.

  • Watermill

    Let’s head off up the garden first. First up, you’ll find our 200 year old waterwheel made in the foundry in Brecon and rebuilt using a new oak axle in 2010. It is an overshot wheel and has 42 buckets – it will turn with no more than a litre of water filling each bucket – enough to turn about 6 tonnes of machinery!

  • The Granary

    Back inside the Mill, on the top floor is our Granary – as the name suggests, it’s where we keep our supplies of wheat, rye and spelt – all secure in metal bins so we not a temptation for furry visitors! The Granary also serves as a meeting room for up to 12 people which is available for hire.

  • The Rocks

    If you follow the lower garden path, you’ll come to ‘The Rocks’ where the little River Ellwye, our mill stream, joins the River Ennig . Both rivers flow about 5 miles down from the Black Mountains. If they dry up, so does our flour production!

  • Stone Room

    On the next floor down is the ‘Stone Room’ where our millstones do their work. The stones – French Burr-stone – weigh about half a tonne each. The gap between them is the thickness of a piece of paper which is why our flour is so fine! The stones are contained within a wooden box called the tun which stops the flour from escaping . The bell shown is the ‘early warning device’ to tell the miller when the grain is getting low. The freshly-miled flour is scooped down a chute to the ground floor where it is collected. We can make up to 250kgs a day, but normally we make less and concentrate our efforts on quality not quantity.

  • Baggery
    Next door to the stone room is the ‘Baggery’ – this is where we store our freshly-made flour and bag it up. You’ll notice there’s no machinery – all the bagging is done by hand alone – a labour of love.
  • Wheel Room

    Heading to the ground floor, you’ll enter the ‘Wheel Room’ where our massive wooden and cast iron gears and shafts transmit the power of the waterwheel to turn the millstones. Even if we’re not milling we keep the machinery turning – it’s mesmerising! Look out for the different gear wheels – the ‘wallower’, ‘great spur wheel’, ‘pit wheel’ and stone nut which turn almost silently – no noise pollution here

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