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Regular & past events (cafe events currently on hold)

Carers and Cared For – a monthly social session for unpaid carers and the person they care for. .  

Workshop Wednesdays - our children's holiday workshops / drop in craft sessions during the school holidays open to all – young and old!

The Drew Barker-Wright Charity - Talgarth Mill holds regular running events throughout the year to support this local charity.

Talgarth Football Club - Talgarth Mill's supports the local team and are proud to advertise pitchside at their home games.

Please see updates on our Facebook page for dates and activities. 

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At the heart of of our welsh town


Our watermill has played an important role in helping support tourism in the town, as well as providing employment and volunteering opportunities. We strive to find ways to make the Mill available to help support community groups and offer opportunities for participation from a broad cross section of people and organisations. We are proud to support The Drew Barker-Wright Charity and Talgarth Football club.

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supporting our natural resources


One of our key goals is to help support the environment. The core work we do is based on renewable energy – using water power to turn our wheel and sourcing ingredients, including grain, from as close to the Mill as possible.

We take great care to ensure that our work is consistent with the regulatory framework for water extraction and report regularly to Natural Resources Wales. 

We have been rewarded with a Silver Green Tourism Award and an abundance of wildlife in the Mill gardens and in the river – including a slow worm in the compost heap and an otter in the river. 

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Talgarth Mill offers a fantastic environment for children and young people to learn. We offer a structured programme for schools, tying in with Key Stage Learning Goals and can help support developing understanding around food and food production, science, maths, the environment and energy. A hands-on experience, covering how grain is grown, ground and turned into bread gives children an opportunity to grind grain by hand, learn how the mill works and make their own bread.


Proud to support local causes

The Drew Barker-Wright Charity

Talgarth Mill is a community interest company - which means for social rather than financial objectives, we are always pleased to support local causes close to our hearts.

The Drew Barker-Wright Charity was set up in memory of local boy Drew, who lost his life to Paediatric Chordoma; an ultra rare childhood cancer. Drew was only 4 years old when he lost his battle but, our mill was one of his favourite places, and we have many happy memories of his times here with us.

Talgarth Mill and The Bakers’ Table have hosted a range of charity events to help raise funds for DBW Charity and continue to support this worthy local cause.

Learn more about the charity and its aims


The Drew Barker-Wright Charity

The regeneration of our town


The overriding goal of the restoration of Talgarth Mill is to help support the ongoing development and regeneration of the town of Talgarth.

Since opening in the summer of 2011, over 40,000 visitors have come to the town to visit the Mill and hear about its history and learn about its place in the local community. Our “not for profit” organisational structure and the support of 30 volunteers ensures that we can continue to be a key hub for bringing tourists to the town and local area.

The development of high quality milled products provides an additional source of income to help support the activities of the Mill and continue to provide additional services for the community. Our environmental policies and reliance on renewable energy for the core of our visitor attraction and flour production underpin our commitment to an operation that can continue into the future in a self-sustaining way – economically, socially and environmentally.


Interested in sharing the story of our mill

Guides & Flour Production

We always have our doors open for new volunteers – if you can commit to a regular contribution please get in touch – we’d love to enlist your services, and it’s a great gang to be a part of. We’ll give you all the training you need and all the tea you can drink.

If you'd like to know more please contact us as below


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Could you be a Miller?

There is so much to learn about the milling process and we always welcome volunteers who want to get involved.


Tel: 01874 711352


The Mill is run entirely by a group of volunteers who turn out on a regular basis.

We always have our doors open for new volunteers – if you can commit to a regular contribution please get in touch – we’d love to enlist your services, and it’s a great group to be a part of. We’ll give you all the training you need and all the tea you can drink.

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A place of nature and tranqulity

Riverside Garden

Our gardens have been created in what was an overgrown area between the River Ennig and our mill leat. The gardens are maintained entirely by our mill volunteers who do a wonderful job of keeping them looking lovely.

If you have green fingers and would like to volunteer some of your time to help tend our gardens, please get in touch.


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