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From July 13th:

Bara Melin Talgarth - Bakery open Tuesday - Saturday, 9.30am - 2.30pm (2pm close on Saturday) for bread, baked goods, and takeaways - no inside seated service.

Talgarth Mill - access to gardens to view wheel and river - no formal tours - Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm.

Craft Shop - open Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm.

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Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-4pm


Our Flour Range

Wholemeal flours for bread making, baking, cake making and pastries


Five fantastic flours based on  
wheat, spelt and rye

for bread making

Range strong Wholemeal.jpg



Seven Seeds Strong Wholemeal

One Star Great Taste Award

This is our wholemeal strong bread-making flour with 7 organic grains added for extra flavour. This flour creates a flavoursome, light loaf with a lovely texture. Great Taste Awards agree.



Range Sunflower Seeds.jpg



Spelt Wholemeal

Two Star Great Taste Award 2017

Ground from a variety of spelt (Ankhorn) that has been grown on an organic-certified farm, this ancient grain has a lower gluten content than traditional wheat. The Great Taste Award judges said: “A loaf of bread was baked using this flour mixed 50/50 with a white spelt flour, and baked a perfect loaf: well-risen, well-shaped, and with a good crumb and crust. The flavour was good, and just what one would expect from a loaf made with quality flour.”
Spelt can also be used for biscuits, pancakes, brownies, scones and cakes. 



Range Rye Wholemeal.jpg




Four Fabulous flours for cakes, pastries, scones & soda bread

for baking

Range Plain Wholemeal.jpg



Plain Flour & Herbs


Organic herbs are added to our basic wholemeal plain flour to give flavour to biscuits and savoury pastries.



Range Self Raising.jpg




Rough Flour


A coarse ground wholemeal flour ideal for Soda Bread or to mix with other flour to add texture and taste to other bakes.






Based on our best selling bread making and plain flours

Bread Kits

Talgarth Mill Bread Kits have everything you need to make a tasty loaf of bread – including expert instructions. A wonderful way to have a go at bread making or to give as a gift. 

Bread Kit Black Mountains.jpg


Herb and Olive Bread Kit

This kit is based on our award winning (Two Star Great Taste Award) strong wholemeal flour with olives and mixed herbs added for a vibrant savoury flavour. 

Bread Kit Spicy Fruit.jpg


Sundried Tomato and Herb Bread Kit

This kit is based on our award-winning strong flour with organic sun-dried tomatoes and herbs added for extra flavour and texture. 

Bread Kit Sunflower Seed.jpg

Soda Bread Bread Kit

Talgarth Mill Rough Flour is the key ingredient for this tasty, textured loaf.  No yeast is used in soda bread – instead bicarbonate of soda is added to create the lift during baking. 























Strong Wholemeal

Two Star Great Taste Award 2018

Our bestselling bread-making flour, ground from AC Barrie wheat. This variety has a very high protein content (last harvest was 17%) which makes it ideal for bread making. The grain is grown for us on a farm in LLowes just 7 miles from the Mill, making this one of the lowest “food mile” products available. This flour is used daily in our bakery at Talgarth Mill. The Bakers’ Table’s award-winning Bara Felinwr loaf (Gold World Bread Awards) is made with100% Talgarth Mill strong wholemeal flour.


Range Seven Seeds.jpg



Sunflower Seeds Strong Wholemeal

Our strong bread flour with lovely chewy sunflower seeds added for extra flavour. This flour creates a light loaf full of texture and flavour.





Range Spelt Wholemeal.jpg



Rye Wholemeal

1 Star Great Taste Awards 2018

Ground from a variety of rye (Carotorp) that has been grown on an organic-certified farm, this wholemeal rye flour will add depth and flavour to a traditional loaf or sourdough. The Bakers’ Table’s best-selling Bara Harvard loaf is a mix of Talgarth Mill rye flour and a strong white flour. Rye can also be used in other baking – including brownies, cakes and pastries.









Plain Flour


Ground from a variety of wheat called Claire, which is grown just over the border in Herefordshire, 15 miles from the Mill, this plain wholemeal flour is great for biscuits, pastry and cakes.



Range Mixed Herbs.jpg





A wholemeal self-raising flour for cakes, puddings and dumplings.




Range Rough.jpg








Black Mountains Bread Kit

One Star Great Taste Award

Our classic bread kit uses our Wholemeal Strong Flour which is ground from grain grown just 7 miles from the Mill in Llowes. This kit was awarded One Star at the 2017 Great Taste Awards. 

Bread Kit herb & Olive.jpg

Spicy Fruit Loaf Kit

Two Star Great Taste Award

Talgarth Mill Wholemeal Strong flour is combined with fruit and spices to create a wonderful “tea cake” flavoured loaf, perfect for an afternoon tea or toasting for breakfast in the morning. This Bread Kit was awarded Two Stars at the Great Taste Awards. 

Bread Kit Sundried Tom.jpg

Sunflower Seed Bread Kit

Talgarth Mill Wholemeal Strong flour (Two Star Great Taste Award) is combined with lovely, chewy sunflower seeds for extra flavour and texture. 

Bread Kit Soda.jpg


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