September 2021
The bakery and cafe is now closed until we appoint a new tenant. Interested parties can email

Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-4pm

Our Bread & Baking Schedule

Making your daily bread


Our Bakery

We are a small, artisan bakery with limited capacity and two bakers who work alternate days.

Our two small deck ovens have a capacity of twenty four loaves at a time, and each batch of dough takes approximately three hours to process from raw flour to the finished loaf (that’s not counting the overnight pre-ferments that we make). So when we sell out, we sell out.

To avoid disappointment we suggest that you order ahead, giving us 24 hours notice where possible, as our daily bread quantities are determined by the amount of levain (pre-ferment) that we’ve made the day before we bake.


Baking schedule: 

Closed Sunday-Wednesday


Thursday: Bara Harvard, Bara Felinwr, Bara Brown, Harvest Cob

Friday: Bara Harvard, Bara Felinwr, Harvest Cob, Country Sourdough

Saturday: Bara Harvard, Bara felinwr, Harvest cob, Country sourdough, Bara gwyn, Focaccia, Cinnamon buns


Our Bread

Bara Havard - Small £1.55 / Large £2.75

A mix of Shipton Mill premium strong white (70%) and Talgarth Mill rye (30%) perfect for sandwiches, toast or just on its own with good butter. 

Bara Felinwr  - Small £1.55 / Large £2.75

100% AC Barrie wholemeal flour, grown just seven miles from us at Llowes near Hay on Wye, and milled at Talgarth Mill.
Topped with mixed seeds (including SESAME).
We hold a 1 star Great Taste Award and a World Bread Awards Gold for this loaf. 

Bara Brown - Small £1.55 / Large £2.75

 A 50/50 mix of Talgarth Mill wholemeal and Shipton Mill strong white flour. 

Harvest Cob - Small £1.55 / Large £2.75

 A tasty malted granary loaf, made with 100% Shipton Mill flour, perfect with soup. 

Spelt £3.30

 An ancient grain with a lower yield, and less gluten than wheat flours
(therefore good for those with a gluten intolerance but not for coeliacs).
Spelt has a delicious, nutty taste. Our 100% Talgarth Mill Spelt loaf is rolled in oats. 

Country Sourdough £3.00

 Made using our eight year old rye starter over three days.
this long fermented dough includes Talgarth Mill wholemeal and rye plus Shipton Mill premium number one white flours.
It has a complex, chewy crust and makes great toast.
Suitable for those with a yeast intolerance.
We hold a World Bread Awards Silver for this loaf. 

Specials £2.50

 Made using our Bara Gwyn dough (Shipton Mill premium white, with a little Talgarth Mill rye for flavour).
Fillings include Welsh Cheddar paired with red onions, or sunblushed tomatoes, or chilli and black onion seeds.  
These loaves contain MILK


We do not currently make gluten free bread.
All of our breads contain GLUTEN