November 2021
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Talgarth Mill is a thriving community initiative providing a hub for the production of high quality, locally made food and crafts. At the heart of the project is our 18th Century watermill, now back in full working order and milling 4 days a week. It is an inspiring example of an eco-friendly food enterprise which really keeps things local. Wheat grown  near Llowes travels just 7 miles to be ground into our award-winning bread-making flour. 


The History

Talgarth, known as the jewel of the Brecon Beacons, was a winner of lottery funding in May 2010, to restore the 18th century water mill in the centre of the town. Once the hub of village life, it was the town's intention to bring the mill, last working in 1946, back to its former glory. A 15 month project began, delivering the picturesque watermill you see today.



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The Restoration

During one of the coldest winters in recent memory, a full renovation of the mill house, wheel, leat and gardens was undertaken by a dedicated team.

The mill wheel stopped turning in 1946 after more than 150 years of grinding grain. Local farmers would bring their crops to the heart of the village by horse and cart for milling. After years of the wheel and mill laying derelict, the time came to lovingly restore this local piece of history.

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The mill wheel was forged at a local blacksmiths just 2 miles up the road. The installation proved challenging, due to the location and weight of the new equipment. The wheel had to be craned in over the roof and river and took many weeks to fully install. A real labour of love.

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The new wheel is powered by water supplied from the newly restored leat, connected via a sluice gate to the river Ellwye, just 100 metres up stream. The water supply is controlled by the millers as and when they need to mill grain. You can watch this process from the viewing platform.

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Miller's Garden

A peaceful riverside garden growing seasonal flowers and vegetables. Enjoy a beautiful nature walk, with hidden local sculptures and many viewing points of the mill and the river Ennig. 


Our watermill has been fully operational since it was restored in 2011.
We mill 3-4 times a week and produce a full range of wholemeal flours and bread kits.
You can take a tour of the Mill and our volunteers are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about the history of the building, the restoration project and how we operate today as a productive watermill.

For more information

Call - 01874 711352 or Email -

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VIP Visits

A royal visit is always a cause for celebration and ours was no exception. We had a wonderful morning showing Charles and Camilla around our watermill. They even got their hands messy and made their own bread.

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